How To Stop Smoking!


                            How to Stop Smoking and put $2,550.00 in Your Pocket
                             Get back to a Healthy Lifestyle and Feel Better

How much do you spend smoking?  One pack per day at $7.00 per pack cost $2,555.00 per year!

If I could show you a way to cut your cigarette costs in HALF without changing brands of cigarettes, what would you do with the extra $1,272.50?   Or better yet,  I can show you a Simple, Manageable way to stop smoking completely, put an extra $2,550.00 in your pocket, and get you back to a Healthy Lifestyle and Feeling Better.
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                      Cut your smoking in half or Quit Smoking Completely!

An estimated 4 million adults die each year of tobacco-caused diseases. This is the only product that I know of on the face

of the Earth which, if used as recommended by the manufacturer, kills 60 percent of its customers.


Do you remember the first time you tried to smoke? That sort of sick/queasy feeling you got from the first few puffs?

Knowing what you know now, if I could take you back there again, would you force yourself to smoke again, or would you lay

them down and walk away?


With the Quit-Smoking-Pro Program, you will be there within one week! That’s right, within one week, if you have followed

this program, you will not be able to smoke a whole cigarette without experiencing that feeling.


Now, whether you decide at that point to quit, or you decide to use the process I have taught you to cut your

cost/consumption in half and continue to smoke, that is up to you!


                       Life is about choices and only You can make those choices for You.


With the Quit-Smoking-Pro Program you will learn how to “smoke” your way to “stop smoking”. At first this seems ridiculous.

However, once you understand the concept, it makes perfect sense.


When you first began smoking you probably didn’t smoke a pack or two the first day. In fact, it would make most people sick

to try such a feat. You gradually worked you’re way up to the level or amount you smoke today. The Quit Smoking Pro System

uses this same philosophy “only in reverse” to help you quit smoking.


In my opinion, the reason most other methods don’t work for the masses, is that they all address specific problems while

ignoring others. For instance: Have you ever known anyone that quit smoking and immediately put on 15/20 pounds? Did you

know that during the curing process all tobacco produces sugar? We believe people develop a sugar addiction along with a

nicotine addiction. Below we list six problems people who are trying to quit smoking experience, and how our program

addresses them.


Problems                                                     Solutions

1.Nicotine addiction                                 The Reducer Tube and the E-cigarette 

2.Sugar addiction                                    Specially designed herbal formula

3.Stress/anxiety                                       Specially designed herbal formula 

4.What to do with your hands                  The Reducer Tube and the E-cigarette

5.Weight Gain                                          Specially designed herbal formula 

6.High cost of Cigarettes                         Our process will cut cigarette cost in half 

                                                                  within 48 hrs.


It works like this:


Your kit comes with two Reducer Tubes (these are specially designed tubes to lock air out and lock odor in and will

extinguish a cigarette instantly), two 450-hit Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, one 90 count bottle of Stress (may help

with anxiety/stress related issues) and one 60 count bottle of our Blood Sugar Support (may help balance your sugar levels

and reduce cravings). The maintenance dosage is listed on the bottle.


Your job is to set a “Quit Date” five days after the day you start using the “Reducer Tube” (RT). The Idea is to use the RT

for the first five days. This is important because within the first five days you are going to smoke all you want! That’s

right, I want you to smoke all you want, however we’re going to do it a little differently.


When you pull out a cigarette, put the RT in the opposite hand. Never lay the RT down during the next five days if you have

a cigarette lit. This is very important! As opposed to lighting a cigarette and letting it burn up while we talk, watch TV,

work, etc. Take as many puffs off it “as you need” then place the lit un-smoked part in the RT and immediately place the

lid on it (cigarette will extinguish instantly). When you feel the need to have another cigarette, take the un-smoked part

of the cigarette out of the RT and repeat the process. This may be in 90 seconds but that’s ok, (be sure to knock off any

already burned tobacco before you light up). The idea is to smoke what you need and not subconsciously force yourself to

smoke the entire cigarette just because you lit it. We have provided two E-Cigarettes for your use when you find yourself

in situations that may prevent you from smoking as much as you need, such as being at work, being in restaurants,

government buildings, etc.


 By following this process you will find you have cut your usage in half within the first 48 hours (worth the cost of the

entire program right here)! At the same time you are not forcing smoke into your lungs that your body does not need. As

this process continues, you will find you need less and less to satisfy your cravings. We suggest you use this process for

the first five days. Then on the sixth day it is time to lay the cigarettes down. By now you should be down to a manageable

level. It’s also time to add the herbs into your routine. Take the herbs as directed and don’t forget the importance of



This program is simple, manageable, affordable, and you can do it. Best of all, the results are amazing!


The cost of this program is $169.00.


We are well aware of the fact that there are stop smoking programs and products on the market selling for as little as

$20.00. I was a smoker for 52 years and have spent hundreds of dollars on such programs, (good luck with that). In today’s

world, you get what you pay for! I was able to cut my consumption in half within the first 24 hrs of beginning this program

and had completely quit within one week. I knew right then, this was an amazing process and I was going to share it with

the rest of the world!




•Remember, herbs are just food.

•Always check with your Doctor before starting any program.

•When possible, day six get rid of all tobacco products from your home.

•Try to eat low fat snacks such as Fruits or Vegetables.

•Drink plenty of water (At least 8, 8oz glasses per day).

•Exercise is a wonderful tension reliever. Any kind of exercise at all will help. Exercise until comfortably tired and not 

until you are exhausted.

•You may want to think about a good Colon Cleanse at this point to rid the body of toxins.

•Last: At some point your taste buds are going to come alive again and food will begin to taste a lot more flavorful.

Consequently, you may have a tendency to overeat. Just be aware of this problem and avoid this health risk!


We have the premier, most common sense stop smoking system on the market today and it can work for anyone. Our Reducer Tube

alone will pay for the system in savings (by cutting your smoking cost in half within the first 48 hours)!


Provided you follow this plan, I am confident you will succeed in reaching your goal of cutting the cost of smoking, or

like many of us, becoming “Smoke Free”.

The Secret to Successfully Stop Smoking is your ‘Commitment’!
You can do it, with our help!


​Brad Davis


Quit Smoking Pro L.L.C.

Burn your money up…. or watch it grow!
It’s your choice.  (Pic)